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about peers

together we flourish!

peers.net is a new mental health support network for students where you can book online mental health support sessions with certified peer supporters.

we’re on a mission to bring accessible, affordable mental health support to everyone who needs it by empowering people to support each other.

all sessions are via online video, so you can talk to your peer supporter from anywhere using your smartphone or computer.

our peer supporters

our peer supporters provide emotional support, teach skills, and share their knowledge and own experiences with mental health. they have a wide variety of backgrounds, identities and experiences. many are students, or recent graduates.

all of our peer supporters have experience of mental health challenges, are trained and certified for mental health peer support, and paid for their work. (learn more about our peer supporter training and jobs.)

our values

get support from peers who’ve been there

on peers.net, you get mental health support from someone who has been in your shoes and understands what you're going through. filter our list of supporters based on their life experiences, identity, school year; or search for specific keywords. you can choose your supporters based on what matters to you, for example gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, speaking the same language, being a veteran, or living with similar mental health challenges.

you don’t have to find “the one”

you can book sessions with as many supporters as you wish. we believe in the power of having a support team around you. you might want to talk to different supporters about different things in your life.

pay what you can afford

we want to make peers.net affordable for everyone. we suggest $45 per session. you choose how much you pay, starting at $20. people who can pay more help those who need to pay less. supporters always earn the same wage.

we do not currently accept insurance but we are working to eventually accept both private insurance and medicaid. we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

designed for students, with students

peers.net has been developed and co-designed with students. we’re giving early access to students who want to actively give us feedback to improve the service. feedback and ideas to improve our service are always welcome. like many of us, peers.net is a work in progress, and this is your chance to make it better.

backed by science

independent research studies show the effectiveness of peer support. we’re working with researchers at the university of north carolina on a study to assess the peers.net service specifically.

secure & confidential

we use a secure telehealth platform for the video session and messages between you and your supporter. session content and any information you give us is confidential and governed by our privacy policy.