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We’re a group of young adults (aged 18-35) professionally trained to support teens and young adults on their mental health journey. We get what you’re going through, because we’ve gone through it too. We’re here to help.

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"Peers.net lets me connect with another person who I know understands the experiences I’m having. It’s really hard to find people who validate and understand what you’re going through without dismissing it."


Professional peer support is a type of mental health support based on the idea that people who have successfully overcome their mental health challenges can be trained to support those who are experiencing something similar. Peer supporters are real people with real experiences, just like you, and we’ve been professionally trained to help you navigate life’s challenges—whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, ED, or other struggles. We offer emotional support and can teach you skills to help you better understand yourself and your feelings, improve your relationships, and set goals. Peer support creates a supportive space for you to feel seen and be heard by a professional who has actually been in your shoes and knows how to help. All of our peer supporters have gone through our proprietary training that meets state and national standards. They undergo ongoing supervision from clinical professionals.

Peers.net is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth service provided by Flourish Labs, a healthcare company focused on flourishing minds for all. Flourish Labs is on a mission to scale professional peer support with tech to address the mental health crisis. Flourish Labs ensures the quality of our services and measures outcomes of our sessions.

Obi Felten (former Google X technologist) and Kim Newell Green (former Kaiser Permanente pediatrician) founded Flourish Labs in 2021. They bring together decades of experience working in tech and healthcare, and are passionate about leveraging technology to improve mental health for all. Both Obi and Kim are mothers and partners who have experienced what it’s like to have a loved one to struggle with their mental health.

Support comes from the Peers.net team of professional peer supporters. We are a group of young adults 18-35 with a wide range of backgrounds and past experiences dealing with mental health challenges, who have since experienced recovery and have been trained to support others experiencing similar challenges. No matter what you’re going through, we’ve got you covered. You’re unique, and your support should be too. That’s why you can filter by life experience and identity to find a supporter who feels right to you.

Our training and certification program, developed in partnership with WGU Labs, meets state and national standards. Training topics include (but are not limited to): active listening skills, strength-based counseling and motivational interviewing, ethics and boundaries, trauma-informed care, suicide and crisis response, de-escalation, domestic violence, sexual assault, confidentiality, and mandatory reporting.

For more details about our peer support training, visit our training page.

Peer support sessions are $65 per session. This cost allows us to ensure the highest quality of support and fair payment for our professional peer supporters. If you don’t love your experience, we’ll send your money back—no questions asked. We do not currently accept insurance but we are working hard to accept both private insurance and Medicaid in the future. Check back here for updates on our progress.

If you’re interested in getting peer support but can’t afford it right now, reach out to us at hello@peers.net.

You’re safe with us. Peers.net hosts support sessions using a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. We keep everything you share with us secure and confidential. For more details on how we use and share your data, please see our privacy policy.

We recently partnered with Scout by Sutter Health to offer Peers.net users a year of free access to Scout. Scout is a personalized digital program built for teens & young adults, offering evidence-based tips, tools and resources for wellbeing. We’ll email you the Scout discount code after you finish a peer support session with us. Download the app here.

We are actively working on more partnerships with community youth organizations, provider groups and health plans. If you are interested in partnering with us, please email hello@peers.net.

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Secure. Confidential. Supervised. You’re safe with us.

We are supervised by clinical professionals and peer support experts, and we use a HIPAA-compliant, secure telehealth platform for sessions. Everything is kept confidential.

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You can book as many sessions as you need to feel supported, with as many peers as you’d like. Camera-on or camera-off, it’s totally up to you. If you don’t love your session we’ll send your money back—no questions asked.

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Support sessions can be whatever you want them to be. Whether you’re looking for life advice or just need someone to listen, we’ll cater your session to your preferences.