How gift cards work

Select the number of peer support sessions you want to gift and personalize your message/gift.

We email your loved one an electronic gift card with a unique code so they can book their sessions.

Your loved one books sessions with a peer supporter of their choice.

Select how many sessions you want to send

For every session you buy, we’ll donate a session to one of our community partners. Learn more here.

1 session


3 sessions



Save 10%

5 sessions



Save 15%

10 sessions



Save 20%

Gift card details

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About recipient
Add payment


After you’ve paid, the recipient will receive an email from containing a unique link tied to their gift card. They’ll use the link to navigate to, browse supporters, and find someone that works for them. Their discount will automatically apply, allowing them to book a session with this supporter, free of charge.

Yes! The recipient will be directed to and will be able navigate the website and browse our entire list of supporters to find the right match for them. They can book a session with whoever they want!

We’ll send you an email once the recipient has used all their sessions, so you know when to buy another package!