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talk to someone who’s actually been there
filter trained peer supporters based on their life experiences, identity, school year or search for specific keywords.
need support ASAP? We’ve got you covered.

no waitlists here! find someone to talk to within days, not months.

it’s like talking to a friend but they’re trained to help you.

all of our peer supporters are certified in best practices and coached by experts. they honor confidentiality and know how to get you more help if you need it.

pay what you can afford
we suggest $45 for 45 minutes. you can choose to pay more or less based on what you can afford, starting at $20. and don’t worry. all peer supporters make the same wage, no matter what!
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created with gen z for gen z

we developed and co-designed peers.net with young people just like you. have feedback or ideas? we love hearing it!

you don’t have to find “the one”

the good news: you can book sessions with as many people as you need to feel supported.

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